Walking Football

Walking Football

Chipstead Over 50's Walking Football.

Every  Monday 6.30-7.30pm

Please note we play 3 touch minimal contact below head height and on grass.


Chipstead FC is pleased to announce they are developing an Over 50's Walking Football Academy.

The development of such an Academy is believed to be a first.

We have witnessed the growth of youth academies and believe this is ageist! As a Club we believe football should be available to all and are redressing the balance.

The entry qualifications are as follows:
* Over 50 and under 125 * Interested in playing walking football * Sociable * Friendly
* Able to remember the 'When I was younger' stories and exaggerate every time you tell them!
* Buy a round of drinks when it is your turn (we currently have some who don't meet this criteria but they will be addressed)
* Unlike youth academies there is no requirement to learn as it is expected you will already 'Know it all'
*Classroom sessions will be replaced by 'team bonding' in the bar

If you attend you will hopefully achieve the following:

* Improve overall fitness
* Increase cardiovascular output
* Attain better mobility
* Restore your ability to tell stories Did you see me 'walk' down the wing (like the old days)
* Improve joke telling
* Increase drinking capacity (not possible for all players - no names at this stage)
* Take part in matches when competent!
* Possibly take part in an overseas tour.

If none of the above apply you will as a minimum have fun!

We currently hold a session every Monday between 6.30 - 7.30pm but we are looking to add a further session on a Wednesday (possibly late afternoon). The sessions are run by our ex 1st team Sports Therapist so you can't make the excuse 'I have a bad back' or 'I have dodgy knees'.

If you are interested in either session please contact , Stoney on 07827-816819